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Meet Our Bees

The lovely ladies of the Hafner Bee Yard are always hard at work supporting their colony. There are a variety of jobs that each bee will carry out throughout their lifetime, all based on their age. Each bee contributes to the health and well-being each day.


 You may be wondering why I call them "ladies." Most of the honeybees you encounter are female. That's right! Those determined ladies you witness hopping flower to flower, collecting nectar and pollen are female! The average ratio of male to female bees within a colony during the peak foliage season is 1:100. You Go Ladies!


A single honey bee lives on average to the mature old age of 40 days. Their life expectancy can be longer during colder seasons, since their activity levels drop during those times. The queen bee is the only resident that can lay female bees and will lay up to 1,000 eggs a day to keep her hive thriving!  And I thought I was tired after a day of work!

We are so grateful for these flighted powerhouse that create our

delicious natural honey.

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